2d International Consensus Meeting on Orthopaedic Infectionsmercredi 25 juillet 2018 - jeudi 26 juillet 2018INTERNAtional


Dear Dr. Alain Hebrant,


On July 25-26, 2018 over 500 delegates from many different countries will come together for the second International Consensus Meeting on Orthopaedic Infections. The objective of this meeting is to produce evidence-based recommendations and consensus statements regarding issues related to musculoskeletal infections, that this time will include other subspecialties besides lower extremity joint replacement.  The first meeting was held in Philadelphia in 2013.  The Proceedings of the meeting have since been published in 18 languages and the Consensus document has been cited in numerous peer-reviewed publications.


We are reaching out to all important societies to seek their help in accomplishing further objectives related to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic infections. We very much hope that your Society recognizes this mission as important and is willing to nominate one or two of your members as delegates to the meeting. As the meeting is dependent upon educational grant sponsorship from our Industry partners, we are hopeful that each society will consider internally sponsoring the travel and accommodation costs for their delegates. 


We hope to hear from you before September 30, 2016.  Please provide us with the name of the nominated delegate(s) and their contact information.  




Thortsen Gerhrke

Javad Parvizi

Javad Parvizi MD, FRCS                                            Prof. Dr. Thorsten Gehrke

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