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BeSG is the Belgian Sarcoma Group. Aims of BeSG are to promote research and knowledge in bone and soft tissue tumors and to improve the quality in the treatment of these tumors. The particular purpose of the Association is to promote mutual collaboration between different specialists and institutes involved in the treatment of musculo-skeletal tumours.



BeSG group

From left to right :

-Hazem WAFA (KUL, UZ Leuven)

-Thomas SCHUBERT (UCL Saint-Luc Brussels)

-Gwen SYS (UGent, UZ Gent)

-William KURTH (ULg, CHU Liège)

-Pierre-Louis DOCQUIER (UCL, Saint-Luc Brussels)

-Annelies VANBEECK (UAntwerp, UZ Antwerpen)

-Félix SHUMELINSKY (ULB, Bordet Brussels)

-Friedl SINNAEVE (KUL, UZ Leuven)

-not present on the picture, Johan SOMVILLE (UAntwerp, UZ Antwerpen), Bilal KAPANCI (ULB, Bordet Brussels)


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